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2021 Board Members

President Evan Palo
Vice President Kara Waken
Treasurer Bill Boerwinkle
Secretary Sue Wojtkun
Pool Manager Josh & Colleen Mis
Pool Manager Michaela Craciun
Grounds Manager Brian Fillous
Street Rep :: Byron Dr Tracy Schneid
Street Rep :: Byron Dr Kati Stocker
Street Rep :: Defoe Dr Cindy Almady
Street Rep :: Dryden Dr Brita Palo
Street Rep :: Fielding Dr Susan Rand
Street Rep :: Keats Dr Heidi Cartwright
Street Rep :: Lydgate Dr Cat Klueber
Street Rep :: Shelley Dr Dan Tobin
Street Rep :: Tennyson Dr Rachael Mcnutt
Facebook Coordinator Cedric Grady
Web Administrator Mike Gladfelter
CW Tales Editor Cathy Sinko